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Hydraulic Oil
Hydraulic oils are critical to many automobile systems as well as aircraft systems. This optimum quality versatile oil can function as good transmission medium. The lubricants can perform well in different applications.
Gear Oils
Gear oils are offered with adequate viscosity and high capacity to endure extreme pressures. They have excellent thermal and oxidation stability. Made from synthetic base oil, these boast of several exclusive physical attributes.
Engine Oil
Engine oils are made for cooling down the engines of vehicles and other appliances, which run on engine. Lubrication provided by this industrial oil is so good making the function smooth and safe. The oils have optimum consistency and allow for advanced operation.
Automobile Grease
Automobile greases provide excellent lubrication due to which maintenance costs get reduced. Their use ensures lower energy consumption and extended service life of automobile engine and parts & components.
Transmission Oil
Transmission oils are offered with advanced fluidity and are must for cold weather. These lipids have stable viscosity properties and are provided to patrons at low rates from us.

"We are accepting bulk order quantity only."